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Never Forget September 11: Seeing is Believing

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were shocking and incomprehensible for most of us. Suddenly our world had changed, and we didn’t see it coming. U.S intelligence officials had been tracking Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations for years, … Continue reading

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Our Practice Areas


Few Florida PR firms can point to a record of experience in transportation and aviation equal to CBR. Our agency was part of a hand-picked team of communications experts who guided a corporation in the aftermath of one of the nation's worst airline crashes. In addition, CBR successfully guided the national launch of a traveler airport security program. This is a team that understands and embraces the aviation industry.

As the agency of record for a regional airport, CBR's team is on call 24 hours a day. CBR also has served as the agency of record for the region's tri-county public transit system, introducing its then controversial in-city bus service and increasing overall ridership of the system. The agency also represents Central Florida's most established group of automobile dealerships and serves as the on-call media liaison for all locations.


National mall developers, grocery chains, automobile dealerships, convenience stores, and fast-food and fast-casual restaurants have all relied on CBR's 30 years of experience in retail marketing. We have exceptional experience in crisis media intervention related to consumer issues and on-site incidents, for example, immediately allaying fears and averting possible copycat situations. We have earned credibility in newsrooms and are highly respected for our ability to balance reporter inquiries with our clients' interests.


CBR's experience in energy resources is as diverse as the industry itself: water, solar, waste, gas and coal. We bring to the table a variety of perspectives, including the skeptical eye of a former business journalist, a spokesperson for electric-power incidents and fatalities - even the editor of a newsletter devoted to safety issues related to landfills. We can deftly respond to reporter questions about such issues as EMF, waste-to-energy, single-stream recycling, sustainability and alternative energy resources. We are advocates for the environment and for responsible, profitable corporate citizenship.

Environmental Communications

Whether clearly presenting issues during a potential groundwater contamination or bringing environmental education programs to local schools, CBR has the experience and knowledge to help clients navigate through an array of environmental issues. The agency has a reputation for gaining the trust of government officials and the public, simply explaining difficult topics to reporters and creating strategic programs to boost corporation's sustainability goals.

CBR's decades of environmental communications experience includes landfill, solid waste and recycling issues (including contracts and permitting); public utility issues; groundwater contamination; brownfield redevelopment; nuisance odors; and green initiatives. The firm is an advocate for the environment, and for responsible, profitable corporate citizenship.

Health Care

CBR Public Relations has decades of experience representing multi-campus hospitals, health-care providers, medical device manufacturers, and insurance companies. We represent one of the nation's largest health-care coalitions, generating significant national coverage for its statewide initiatives. Included in our portfolio is in-depth experience in hospital mergers and medical crises that require educating reporters and consumers in both technical and general language.

Examples of issues we have addressed include unauthorized distribution of improperly discarded lintroscan tapes, ignitions during surgery, wrong-side amputations, natural disasters, newborn security, HIPAA compliance and unbalanced investigative news reports. We regularly develop and update communications programs for emerging situations, such as the H1N1 Influenza A outbreak.

Agency CEO Lori C. Booker serves on the board of directors of the Central Florida Regional Healthcare Information Organization (RHIO) and is a long-time advocate for objective media coverage of health-care issues.


CBR Public Relations has strategic experience guiding its infrastructure clients through some of the state's most complex challenges. We have represented some of the state's largest utilities, including power, water, waste services, and cable and high-speed internet providers. We also have represented several local municipalities and a regional airport in site and consumer issues.

Our exceptional experience with infrastructure clients enables us to provide strategic counsel through the immediate and long-term impact of natural disasters. In such crises, the CBR team works 24/7 providing multilingual consumer and media updates for our clients' over-extended communications teams.

Professional Services

CBR positions clients to rise above the clutter and generate new business. Bold initiatives, creative target marketing and front-page story placements are just a few of the successful tools in our B2B toolkit.

Real Estate

From DRI approvals to local environmental issues, CBR's team of seasoned counselors partners with companies' communications team to earn local success, engender confidence and successfully navigate through controversial situations. We are especially known for our ability to positively represent developers before newsrooms and other influential target audiences during emotionally charged issues.

The agency also has a distinguished reputation for tenant recruitment and retention, site-issue management (environmental and social), as well as the creation and production of well-publicized, well-attended special events and community forums. Our senior consultants are particularly knowledgeable on planning and zoning issues.


From cutting-edge research to breakthrough product development, Central Florida is at the forefront of the nation"s technology boom. And CBR Public Relations' team of veteran communicators are adept at translating complex issues and techno-speak for reporters and consumers, earning results for clients ranging from telecommunications and digital delivery to human services and other emerging technologies.